Sacred Heart College Website

UX Design
Sacred Heart College

We were tasked with re-designing the website of Sacred Heart College, a private Catholic school in Observatory, Johannesburg. Sacred Heart is not an ordinary school - it's progressive, liberal and inclusive in every way. The website needed to reflect its warmth, culture and values but still present it as a reputable and respected institution that has earned its stripes. 

Key Insight 

"For an all-girls school or same-gender school, you want the website to be structured. Because we're co-ed, this is not what we should be using. I can't give you a proper reason why, it's a gut feeling, it's something I know. The reason you're sending your child to a same-gender school is because you want structure. You want strictness and discipline. If they didn't want that, they would send their kids to a more arty co-ed school like ours. Where the website is a bit crazy. For this school, the design and layout should reflect our culture, our warmth." 
- Student Interview 


The photography we used needed to show the warmth and vibrancy of the school and communicate values that are reflective of the school culture. 

Photographer: Andreas Georghiou 

UX Design


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