The Shabbos Project

Office of the Chief Rabbi

Over the years, Jews around the world have drifted away from their heritage and each other. As fiercely independent-minded people, Jews remain divided by their differences, and these divisions have become normalised over time. There have been attempts to bridge the gap, but nothing has really worked.

Our brief was to bring a divided community together and to get Jews to reconnect with their faith, culture and each other in a meaningful way that transcends division.

In order to get people to fall in love with their heritage, culture and – most importantly – each other again, we needed a compelling catalyst. We aimed to unite fragmented Jewish communities around the world and get them to reconnect with their culture in a way that was welcoming, inclusive and inspiring. Through this unifying cultural experience, our aim was to reignite and re-inspire Jewish pride.

Behind the Scenes

The Event


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