Loeries 2019

Integrated Campaign

The Loeries is a non-profit association dedicated to recognising, rewarding, inspiring and fostering creative excellence in the brand communication industry across Africa and the Middle East.

Brands have the power to influence and shape society. People within the brand communication industry have a responsibility to use this influence in a way that affects change in a positive way, that helps bridge divides and starts conversations that need to take place. Our approach this year was to position The Loeries as a brand that advocates for pushing the industry forward. Change in the brand communication industry won’t happen on its own – The Loeries needs to be the force for good, the force for change, transformation and equality. Our campaign challenged the industry to tell better stories through their work in order to change stories/perceptions in societies. To get this bold and honest concept across, The Loeries needed to make a statement. So we made several, in the form of a mission statement, and turned our words into the focal point of the campaign. Typography formed the visuals of the campaign, which echoed our call for change to the industry. Our words were the only thing that mattered, so we amplified them across every execution.

In phase one of the campaign, we used three striking colours to make the campaign bold and brutally simple.

3D Design Elements

We used the words from our mission statement to create hypnotic animations that clearly communicated the brand's intent.

Sharing our message

To get our message heard in the industry, we targeted those who were ranked in the Loeries Official Rankings because of the number of awards they had won in 2018. Most of these people were executive creative directors of chief creative officers who were influential in their agencies, as well as on social media platforms. We sent them personalised t-shirts that not only gave them bragging rights for their position on the rankings, but also challenged others to tell better stories, just like they did.

The Campaign Rollout: Social

Display Web Banners


Event Branding


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