A future where there was none

Video Production
Lauder Foundation

The development of Lauder Yeshurun – a Jewish school in the centre of Berlin, Germany – was the catalyst for the resurgence of a courageous and resilient Jewish community. The organisation is a symbol of hope and light that escaped one of our darkest times in history, resulting in the unthinkable - a vibrant future for Berlin Jewry.

The history of the school showcases the remarkable story of how thousands of Jews from the former Soviet Union managed to find their way back to Judaism in Germany — and build a home and future together. The Lauder community blossomed in the most unlikely place. It adapted and flourished in extreme circumstances and against all odds. In the face of adversity, Lauder built not only a community - but a future for Berlin Jewry and a warm home for thousands of Russian Jews.


We where tasked to document, celebrate and raise funds for that community. We wanted to shed light on the progress this community has made by revisiting the emotion from their past and showing how Lauder Yeshurun has helped bring about change and a future in a place where it was once unthinkable. We want to give a rich and hope-filled picture of that future and invite donors to be a part of it.


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