The Tone

Illustration Style

Again, keeping in line with the visual style of brutally simplifying detail, the illustration style uses simple shapes and as few colours as possible to reflect the products and brands it works with.


Visual Identity Refresh
UOS South Africa

The South African kosher symbol is a very recognisable food stamp and has been so for years. It has attained recognition from consumers and is trusted by the Jewish community. A lot of people don't know that its stringent food standards can be advantageous for all kinds of consumers – not just the Jewish community. The kosher stamp on a product means that all processes and ingredients have been monitored and specified to granular detail, making sure that only what's on the label is in the bottle.

Our brief was to bring the kosher brand into the modern era, highlighting its certainty and thoroughness in a way that would catch the attention of consumers and grow their confidence in the stamp.

The Approach

Kosher. It’s an adjective.

It’s not just a symbol, it’s the shape of reassurance, amplifying brands and products, placing them in a new light and a space where they’re suddenly considered. Why? Because if we’re on the label, it’s good for the table. Honest to G-d, it’s genuine, it’s quality, it’s kosher.

Presentation Style

The kosher brand is a balance of two things: heavily detail-orientated and brutally simplistic. Presentations were designed in a way that accommodated detailed content but allowed for a high-level understanding to be grasped fast.

Social content

The kosher brand is a balance of two things: heavily detail-orientated and brutally simplistic for the everyday person. Their presentation format needed to show this. Presentations were designed in a way that content could be read after the presentation, but a high-level understanding could be grasped fast.

The Colour Palette

The kosher brand is humble – it works with thousands of products on the market and values each and every one of them. We created two main brand colours – black and green – the rest of the colour palette is highly adaptive to whatever brand/product it is working with.

Graph Style


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