The bright, vivid colours of the CBD, its traders and stalls, contrasted by the strong shadows from shafts of light informed a colour palette that was balanced with a selection of bold, rich colours and dirtier, darker and sun-faded colours.


The city has a vibrant energy with noticeable shafts of light and highly contrasted shadows. Light sprayed out onto open city squares or cut through windows of industrial architecture. The angles and shafts of light inspired us to explore sharp angular layouts and explore a contrasting colour palette.


Visual Identity
Molten Black

We were asked to capture the real-life hustle and bustle of Johannesburg’s city centre and bring it to One Eloff’s new market – Joziburg Lane. The design needed to appeal to both city dwellers and northern suburban tourists, while incorporating the authenticity of the Jozi city life.

We started the creative process by immersing ourselves in the inner Joburg CBD and exploring the One Eloff construction site. The hustle, energy and structured chaos of the environments inspired us to take design cues and creative direction from the city itself.

Layout Principles

The One Eloff building has large sets of windows of different sizes that were drawn on to develop structured grids and layouts. The rectangles and squares were incorporated as a design element to draw focus to images, house images or to develop structured tables to house information and typography.

In the city, space is used to its maximum potential to cram and fit products for sale. This, paired with the strong structural windows of the One Eloff building, inspired a tight grid design style that allows for as much information to fit as possible.

Typography: Custom-Made Joziburg Font

The typography of the brand was drawn from the the crafty hand-drawn type from the vendors themselves. We documented the signage of the inner city and used these characters and glyphs to build a custom Joziburg font.


The Joziburg Lane wordmark is made out of the glyphs found in the city. The slogan of Joziburg Lane, "Home of the Hustle / Heart of the Grind" encapsulates the energy of the city and the space. 

Design: Style 1

This style is used when there is no event photography available or if there is a specific event that can be represented by an isolated object. This style puts focus on the typography and should be used to communicate event details.

Design: Style 2

This layout is used when there is available photography of an event or environment. The imagery should have one focal point around which the information is centred. Colour can be added to the layouts to help legibility or make the visuals more interesting.

Design: Style 3

This layout is used when there is available photography of an event or environment and event information. The grid can be used to house information and integrate the Joziburg logo into the layout/imagery in an interesting way that draws in the viewer's eye.

The Launch

The Joziburg Lane market launched successfully in August and as of 2 September, it is permanently open. The custom-made Joziburg font was used to create signage and way-finding that is currently being implemented.


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