Hugo's Hood

Visual Identity & Event
Hugo Paluch

Fourteen-year-old, warm-hearted Hugo Paluch sadly lost his life after an accident at school in June 2017. Since that tragic day, his memory and who he was has had a ripple effect of kindness in his community.

Hugo was someone who saw the unseen and noticed the unnoticed. In the middle of 2016, he began to notice the recycling walkers in our area. He saw the way that these recyclers lived and he wanted to make their lives better. He took it upon himself to raise money to buy them lunch each week, which then turned into a year-end fundraising raffle. Each week, Hugo would listen to the stories of the recyclers and their struggles, which ultimately led to the formation of Hugo’s Greenhood and the realisation of Hugo’s dream to find employment for the recyclers. Since his passing, his parents and the community have continued with Hugo’s cause, making the Hugo’s Greenhood initiative bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. 

We were tasked with creating the brand identity for Hugo’s Greenhood that would capture hope, optimism and Hugo’s spirit. Using his love for graffiti, we developed an identity that was dynamic, bold, colourful and organic.

Video production done by Mann Made Media.


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